Mbale Coed is a group of Wales based volunteers working to support the success of the Mbale Trees Programme.  Mbale is the region in Eastern Uganda where we are focusing our work. Coed (pronounced ‘koyd’) is the Welsh word for trees.

Like many parts of the tropics, Mbale has experienced widespread deforestation to make way for farming and to provide fuel and timber for an expanding population.  The loss of local forest, in addition to wider climate change issues, is having a major impact on the area.  Effects include disruption to rainfall patterns (making agriculture even more difficult) exposure of soils (leading to landslides), and the loss of wildlife habitat.  The deterioration of farm land and local ecosystems makes it much more of a challenge for rural communities to manage their land sustainably and puts even more pressure on remaining forest.

The Mbale Trees Programme is a response to this deforestation.

Mbale Coed was set up to support the Mbale Trees Programme by sharing our knowledge of forestry and ecology to maximise sustainable use of natural resources, as well as our ability to use technology to support these goals.

All funds raised through Mbale Coed goes to the programme.

Over 9 million trees have already been planted but we need your help to plant even more.