Who we work with

The Mbale Trees Programme is delivered through a collaboration between Mount Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise Ltd and four community based partners in Mbale.  Mbale Coed support the project from Wales alongside Size of Wales and the Wales for Africa Programme.

Mount Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise Ltd (METGE) coordinates the project delivery on the ground with the four community based partners.

Share an Opportunity (SAO) Uganda has at its core an aim to provide holistic child development.  This includes the provision of basic education and vocational training, clean water provision and tree planting to mitigate the effects of climate change in the region.

Salem Uganda started as a children’s home providing basic healthcare to children and women.  Since its establishment in 1981, Salem Uganda has developed into a village community and offers training programmes covering healthcare, education and environmental issues – including tree planting.

Bungokho Rural Development Centre (BRDC) includes a working demonstration farm and tree nursery. These are run in conjunction with their Vocational Training School and pre-school nursery. BRDC also support a Community Based Training team who work with over 100 self-help women groups.

Mount Elgon Agroforestry is a cooperative of coffee producers based throughout the wet highlands surrounding Mbale.  The emphasis here is developing an agroforestry system where newly planted trees provide shade to the valuable coffee crop beneath, whilst also stabilising soils and reducing the risk of floods.

Other partners 

The Size of Wales works to protect an area of tropical forest twice the size of Wales through supporting projects in several countries.

The Welsh Governments’ Wales for Africa programme has supported over 500 development projects across 25 African nations since 2006.  These projects include the Mbale Trees Programme and the International Learning Opportunities (ILO) programme.

Plant! continues to plant a tree in Wales and Uganda for every child born or adopted in Wales. Many of the fruit trees planted as part of Mbale Trees programme are via the Plant! project and provide a direct food source for families in Mbale.